Spring coming on you

Spring spread:))

At this point your mind is taken away into the Utopia of constant pleasure and erotic nirvana; her unspoken performance will leave you feeling euphoric and unwind, far away from reality…

To experience a full spectrum of sensual excitement and open for yourself doors to the whole range of completely new sexual pleasure, you are advised to remain calm and relaxed during the whole session, concentrating on your feelings and listening to your mind. Gathering all sensual impulses that masseuse provokes in your body during the Tantric massage and truly enjoying the sense of unthinkable pleasure.Tantra uses variety of techniques of soft sensual touches that makes your body dive into the world of complete relaxation and makes your mind switch into a mode of erotic ecstasy.

After she feels you reached a maximum of your sexual arouse and you are ready to take your adventure to the next level, her soft touches will start slow process of release, happy ending.

Skilfully starting massaging your Lingam (male sex organ) with gradual, exciting movements, at the same time pushing her oily breasts over yours and sliding her body with slow movements, directing all accumulated sexual energy straight to the point, she will take you to the next level of the therapy-Happy ending.


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Love tantra…for why?


Tantra, above all, is about love… Love of the Universe… Love of God… Love for everything that exists… Love for everyone…

The big problem, and the block to this universal “love in”, is that the starting point is extremely difficult for most.  You see the first step in loving God, the Universe and everyone else is to above all LOVE YOURSELF.  Not just say the words “I love me”, but to truly and deeply feel it and do it.

If you cannot love yourself, you cannot love anyone else – including God the Universe.  Tantra teaches that each one of us is connected and that each one of us is a little piece of God, a piece of the overall fabric and pattern that is the Universe.  We are connected to everything in the Universe – quite literally.  Within the past twenty years science has overwhelming established a long-held Eastern view of existence, in that science has discovered some things that are quite surprising:

1.      The overwhelming majority of scientists involved with astronomy, especially cosmology (the study of the Universe) have come to believe that in the moments before the Big Bang occurred in the formation of our Universe, every particle that now exists in our Universe (not atoms or molecules, but every subatomic particle) all were located in one spot smaller than an atom (talk about the ultimate black hole) and then exploded into the creation and formation of our Universe.

2.      Within the past twenty years cosmologists and physicists have come to recognize the existence of Dark Matter and Dark Energywithin our Universe.  These are not freakish small points in the Universe such as a black hole.  No, they have determined that 96% of our Universe is made up of Dark Matter and Dark Energy.  Unfortunately our eyes are not equipped to see Dark Matter and we do not physically feel the effects of Dark Energy.  But the discovery is quite real and truly profound.  It began when they noticed both on the cosmological scale (cosmologists) and on the subatomic scale (quantum physicists) that the Universe was not functioning according to the Laws of Physics we humans had come to believe.  The Universe was expanding faster and faster 13 billion years after it sprang into being, rather than slowing down as the Law of Gravity would suggest that it should.  Along with many other aberrations. Science had to conclude that we are not really islands in space on our planets and among the stars.

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3.      It turns out that instead of living in a Universe that is mostly space, there is no space at all. Our Universe is one giant membrane in which everything is connected to everything quite literally by strings of Dark Matter and energized by Dark Energy.  When every subatomic particle was squeezed down to one point at the beginning of time for our Universe (it now turns out there are many universes), and sprang into the physical Universe we now live in, Dark Matter and Dark Energy continued to connect every single particle to every other particle in the Universe – forever.  It is one version ofString Theory.  Just as the Eastern religions have long held: everything is connected to everything in the Universe.  Only this time it was science saying it.  Not renegade scientists but mainstream world renowned scientists – and the majority of them from every nation.

Love is a positive energizing force – a creative force in the Universe.  But if you hate yourself or look down on yourself and cannot love yourself, then your core positive energies are cut off and deformed.  You must first love yourself to love others.  And to NOT love yourself is to not love God and the Universe because you are indeed a piece of God.  Mahamudra, the orgasm with the Universe, cannot be achieved without loving you first and forgiving yourself, all others unconditionally…..

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Nude massage with happy end now in İstanbul

Orgasm Without Ejaculation

Every person’s experience with nude massage is different. Some people experience full body orgasm, others have a deep emotional release (tears, laughter, screams) followed by immense pleasure.

Most people have powerful dreams for some nights after; the important thing is that you will be given a safe environment to feel and express whatever needs to come up, and a devoted healer to guide and support you. It’s a loving, spiritual experience that will be transformative and unforgettable.

Time to have good time for you in İstanbul…make your this journey unforgettable relax  and more….


Have you tried tantric nuru!?

Nuru Massage is a full body-to-body sensual massage(FBSM) that is performed between two nude people (naked) with a unique type of massage gel often called nuru massage. Before the Massage begins, the masseuse pours generous amounts of the special nuru gel all over the body of the massage recipient. The masseuse slides his or her body along the other body, which massages muscles and relieves tension. Often, both parties switch the roles of masseuse and Massage recipient to make the session really interesting and arousing! The feeling of the remarkable Nuru is sensational and makes both bodies feel extra sexy. The word nuru originates from the Japanese language, which means “slippery.”

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Even guys who dont have issues as to been due to lack of experience, with love making, also many do not even realise that, they have no control over their orgasms, and consequently appear to pre-cum, far too quick, therefore, their anxiety, or sexual conditioning, makes them pre-cum much faster than they would like, By using guided meditation, depends on each individual, and tantric breath techniques, I will guide you to learn how to breath tantrically, and at the same time, your mind and your body will have my sheer guidance by taking you on the borders of orgasmic relief, but not quite, only a skilled pair of hands can do this, using intuitive awareness, slowly step by step, I will guide the way.

Surrender your body full of pleasure in İstanbul


Surrender Erotic Massage

Surrender Erotic Massage İstanbul with a specialist masseuse, deliver a more special sensual and erotic massage, by using essential techniques by special touch, using hand movements, and subtle finger touch, in the most desirable places.

Happy Massage İstanbul is  specially tailor made to suit individual clients, and therefore your experience will always be unique.

I take our work very seriously, all the staff here have to be qualified in the fine art of senseous touch, taught by very experienced qualified tantrically trained teachers, who have many years experience in the field of touch therapy.



sexy surrender massage istanbul

sexy surrender massage istanbul

Experience the heightened pleasure of having a full body experience that makes every part of your body tingle, with pleasure,  you can choose from a list of my erotic massages, go to “which one your  type” page and see the most amazing erotica of massages!


Choose Tantric with extra lingam, means you will get twice as much erotic foreplay, the masseuse will tease your entire body from all areas front and back!  feel her naked body next to yours if you book any of our Body to body massages, or the special exclusive Nuru gel ultra slippery massage, sheer sensational!  many clients love this as it has the intimacy and body contact, we also include yoni massage, means your able to massage the masseuse in an erotic or sensual way, it is always best to be guided, by each therapist as to how to massage or touch as one must adhere to her boundaries.


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What is the purpose of erotic massage?  – It is a natural way to be turned on and be given heightened pleasure through the art of exclusive touch, by very expert hands, who know how to give you the utmost pleasure!

I have trained to give you the best experience, by relaxing the body and introducing you to our varies different styles of erotic teasing, with extra lingam, meaning the penis tease prolonging and delaying your whole orgasmic pleasure.

My tantra breath techniques take you to sexy peaks of  erotic indulgence, bordering on orgasm, several times, this is true erotica, as most sensual massages dont deliver such expert eroticism, only by the trained tantricas, working with your individual energy, once you reach the ultimate orgasm, you will be astounded how powerfull and explosive this experience is, as it wakes you up to tap into the ultimate part of yourself.

Erotic feelings help to remove daily stresses, and release pleasure endorphins, these are the most desirable to experience as it melts your stress, and releases a wonderfull chemical called oxytocyn, this gives feelings of satisfaction, and very similar to feeling wanted and loved, when oxytocyn is released the body is flooded with the utmost pleasure hormones, its one of the best ways to beat stress in our lives!

Enjoy, relax, and saviour every moment, this is a life changing experience, for those who are open to receiving, and learn to enjoy life!


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Experience hot massage

I can offer you something new and exciting also can help you to learn a completely different way of dealing with your energy which very often has a disturbing power. During the  massage, ı will use the secret technique for heightening and prolonging intimate pleasure, also heal wounded sexuality leading to increased power, vitality and longevity. This massage offer you sublime benefits to your whole body, mind and spirit.

This part isn’t included in the massage time tantric greeting and tuning in to kundalini energy preparation relaxation part of the massage devoted to full body and tuning of the organism massage of intimate body parts: groins, testicles, penis root and penis tip awakening of kundalini energy in whole body massage of buttocks, rump-bone, rosette and pelvic floor area prostate massage awakening of kundalini energy in whole body, ejaculation at the client’s wish final relaxation…