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tantra, nuru, incall, outcall, istanbul, vip, happy end, full body, massage

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tantra day spa istanbul

 Bring your attention to what you can feel in your body, and where you can feel it.

The power of this simple tool, never ceases to amaze me. Really.. Try it!

At all times, we have subtle sensations running throughout the body. Its what the Tantrics call the Energetic, or Pranic body. When we bring our attention to these sensations, they expand, and as a result, we expand. Attention to these sensations call us into a state of consciousness, and often, an experience of pleasure.


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İncall – outcall avaiable with booking

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Tantric Massage Process

Many questions may arise on your mind pertaining to why we massage people, why our service is so popular or what feelings our massages instill. Pleasure is the first aim of any of my services and there are a whole range of health benefits that have stemmed from Tantra.

I stimulate the body in many ways providing many benefits such as improved blood circulation, muscle and tissue relaxation, improved mental alertness and lower blood pressure.

By stimulating certain points of me can increase your vitality, relieve common problems and make the recipient feel right as rain. The effects of just one massage are incredible and last very long. A tantric massage is not just a simple sensual therapy session; it is the art of releasing tension and attaining pleasure.

tantra, tantric, istanbul

tantra, tantric, istanbul

As you may or may not know there are various stages in any tantric journey. The stages are listed below.

1st stage

The first step in attaining ultimate pleasure is to lie on your back and let your mind drift into nothingness. I will tell you about the proper breathing rhythms and how to properly connect as one. The feeling of comfort and pure bliss will be embedded into you as the hands of your Goddess nurture you.

2nd stage

Next, your entire body is awakened and your body’s energy is stimulated. Your mind will now be at war as to the explosion of sensations that you are feeling and what is within human comprehension. The longer you can sustain your body and mind, the longer you can enjoy all the effects and benefits that our tantric massage offered.

3rd stage

By now, you have reached the “point of inevitability” and you cannot control your emotions and your mind; you will probably want to explode. At this point, delaying your orgasm will allow you to achieve greater enjoyment.

4th stage

Since you have already reached the “point of inevitability” multiple times, you should know that ı have imparted an immensely powerful gift with you. You will now feel stronger lighter and sharper than ever before; almost God-like. It is our hope and our sincere wish that this gift is cherished forever.

5th stage

After experiencing one of the most sensual and awakening massages of all time, you can use it anytime you want. If the troubles of life ever build up to the point that you become depressed, stressed or develop a headache, simply recall the experience. The pleasure will come flooding back to you and make you feel whole again.

body to body massage istanbul

body to body massage istanbul

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incall massage istanbul

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Refresh yourself and give a try new experience  at xmas

During the traditional tantric energizing massage your relation to the body as a divine instrument will open, your sexual fire will be awakened and you will feel how the sexual energy flows in your whole body. Affectionate palms of tantra massage, energy and meditative state are the base of the traditional tantric massage. Simple work with the massaged body is preferred in the traditional tantric massage. In this massage no aids are necessary to open sexual energy.

vip tantra massage parlour istanbul

vip tantra massage parlour istanbul

During the tantric energizing massage the massaged client is naked and receives the massage best lady in istanbul. I will be nude and provide the massage to a massaged person. In order that your experience in tantric energizing massage would be really deep, I recommend you to devote your time to yourself and to have a rest one hour before the massage.



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